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Walking Maps for Little Hadham

I hate to begin a blog post with an apology but I do feel I ought to apologise for my radio silence on this blog this year. When I set it up I was full of good intentions to keep it up to date with regular posts of my adventures in graphic and surface design. However my excuse is a good one. I have been really busy creating beautiful projects for my lovely clients, which is what it is all about really, so yay.

I thought I would share with you my latest project which is coming to a leaflet stand near you (if you live near Little Hadham in Hertfordshire that is...) I was happy to be selected to create a walking map for the Little Hadham Parish Council on the back of the work I did for them on their Neighbourhood Plan identity and documents.

It was a lovely project to undertake because Little Hadham happens to be my home village, and I like walking around it because it is a beautiful little place.

I needed to wear many hats for this project as I was asked to project manage it, talking to some local volunteers who had some great insights and tips to share. I had to keep the lines of communication open with Hertfordshire County Council who awarded us the grant to ensure we were doing everything correctly and the maps were accurate. I had to work out 3 routes of differing lengths, research the history of the parish and pick out some points of interest for the back of the leaflet, copy write and typeset the document, organise the photography, test the routes out and measure the distances, and redraw the OS map to be easy to read and user friendly.

The leaflets have just come back from the printers, and will be available for download on the Hertfordshire Council website: www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/walkcycleroutes I hope that if you are in the area you will look out for them and enjoy a lovely walk around our little village.

We are hoping to get a puppy in the new year, and I cannot wait to take them out to explore these routes with me.

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