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Fox in the Snow

Well it's certainly starting to look like a bit of a winter wonderland here in Hertfordshire today. My son's primary school has just closed and he is merrily running around outside trying to build an igloo (ambitious? maybe!) And my daughter's senior school is breaking up at lunch time - so looks like an afternoon of sledging might be on the cards.

In the meantime, I saw a fox in my garden this morning and it has inspired me to create a new wintery/foxy pattern.

I must confess, that mischievous and unpopular though they sometimes are, I do love foxes. You may have guessed this from some of my patterns, foxes do crop up quite a lot!

Today my foxes are going to be sporting mittens and scarfs to keep them warm and cosy, as this little guy looks frozen.

I may have to add in some more wintery foliage for them to live in. New winter foxes pattern coming soon...

Keep warm and cosy everyone and enjoy the snow if you can - it will soon be spring. (I hope!)

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